Pulled pork

Easily one of my ultimate favourite recipes. Its absolutely delicious, its leftovers are so amazingly versatile, it freezes well and its so bloody easy. Its a make in the morning and leave all day kind of recipe. Like seriously. You need a slow cooker, so if you don’t have one, borrow someones (but seriously you need one in your life anyway!)

Unfortunately, at one point in the cooking process your house literally smells like pig. Not like yummy porky flavour, more like a Royal Adelaide show animal barn pig smell but dead. TRUST me though, once the sugar starts to cook, it mixes with the cooked pork smell and it is something spectacular. As usual, my quantities are an estimate, but I will tell you how to check your balance as we go along.

Piggy plate - pressed and fried pulled pork, roasted pork belly and pork crackling
Piggy plate – pressed and fried pulled pork, roasted pork belly and pork crackling

Before you start, just a word of warning. This recipe isn’t healthy. Sorry not sorry. Its salty and sugary (and teamed with crackling is fatty as a heart attack victims arteries) but dear lordy is it good. Do it every now and then, but do it well.

Okay here we go…


Pulled Pork


Pork roast (I usually do it with 1.5-2kg of meat, the recipe works with sizes anywhere  around this) – doesn’t matter what type, just without a bone. I like skin on because then I have an excuse to make crackling (hells yeah)

1/2 cup packed brown sugar

A good quantity of sea salt

Maple syrup (or if you don’t have this BBQ sauce works well too) – about half a cup

About 2 tablespoons caraway seeds

Olive oil

2 cups chicken stock (homemade, no added salt or salt reduced)

Method – I usually do this in the mid morning to lunchtime but have done it before work and come home to it before with good success.

If your pork roast has skin on it the use a sharp knife to fillet off the skin and fat underneath it in one big sheet. Put aside for sweet sweet crackling.

Grab your slow cooker and slap in your pork roast. Drizzle olive oil over it, sprinkle about two to three good pinches of salt on it and the caraway seeds and give it a good massage. Treat your piggy well, you gotta treat your piggy well!! (that’s meant to be a song).

Then, sprinkle over the sugar, give it a good drizzle of maple syrup and pour the chicken stock over the top. If you are around during the cooking process, get a large spoon and spoon the liquid over the meat every half hour to hour. If you aren’t, it will still work, it just wont be as moist inside.

Cook it in your slow cooker on low for about 6 hours, or on high for about 4 hours. The longer on the slow setting the better.

Once the cooking time is over, taste your liquid. You need to make sure the balance is right. It should be a perfect mix of sweet and salty. Too sweet and it’s sickly, too salty and it burns your tongue. So if its more than one, add the other. Too salty, add brown sugar. Too sweet, add salt. Keep stirring and leaving it for about a minute before you taste again.

Once your liquid is perfection, use a mug to pull out most of the liquid around the meat. DO NOT THROW THIS BABY AWAY, it’s liquid gold. Get out two forks and in the slow cooker pull the meat apart. Use the forks to flake the meat off.

Ready to slow cook away
Ready to slow cook away

From here you have two options, the quick one and the ‘next level shit’ one.

The quick one – Once you’ve got it all ‘pulled’ then add the liquid back, little bit by little bit. You want it to be moist but not piggy swimming in the soup. Then you are ready to go!

The ‘next level shit’ – put all your liquid in a large frying pan or a large pot with a solid base. This will take ages if you do this in a saucepan without a large area on the base. Bring it up to the boil and then reduce to a nice simmer until it thickens and starts to go syrupy. Don’t let it burn because it will turn to toffee. Pour your thickened sauce over your pulled pork and mix it in.

I usually serve pulled pork with roast potatoes, cabbage with caraway seeds and red wine vinegar and of course pork crackling. Leftovers are amazing in a Vietnamese roll, on pulled pork pizza, in a soft taco or on sliders. Amazement.

Pulled pork pizza with fresh slaw
Pulled pork pizza with fresh slaw

Hit me up with pics or comments on your pulled pork adventures. I love food pics, so bring them on….

Happy cooking!




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