Welcome back


Well welcome back to me that is!image


After a few too many requests for recipes of the foods I post on Instagram I have decided to start writing recipes. Here’s how it will work, I will post my pictures. If you want the recipe, comment “recipe please” and I will write it up on the blog. As husband says, simps (that’s simple by the way). If you want certain recipes, then ask and ye shall receive (within a realistic time frame that is, I AM a mum remember). I have toyed with (and been encouraged to) the idea of you tube videos of “cooking classes”. Apparently I’m a good teacher and also entertaining too. I’m not ready for that yet, but just a warning, it may happen. Prepare to laugh (at me, not with me I’m sure).


I may add in general posts when I feel the need, I’m finding myself with more time now so I feel like I can manage it again. If you want the rambling to stop, then tell me so. I will swiftly ignore you and continue to ramble. Sorry-not-sorry.


So, if you have been wanting recipes, hit me with those requests and I’ll start writing. I have a few golden oldies up my sleeve that I will post in the meantime.


Happy cooking y’all,



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