Shit-fight central

So it’s been a bit errr long since I have written here. And I’m not going to apologise or explain. It just has.


It’s going to sound a bit random when I launch now into a complete bitch about my children right, but seriously, they are driving me cray crayyyy. And yes I understand I am not young, and cool, and kids probably don’t even say cray cray anymore but I say it sarcastically peeps. That too.


We have entered the domain of actual shit-fights here people. Oh my lordy, these two are way beyond what my mental capacity can handle at the moment. I feel like I am repeating myself, all DAMN DAY!! Calm down girls, don’t hurt each other, calm voices please…. Miss G please stop biting your sister…. oh god jeez Miss Biz stop tackling your sister to the ground….REMEMBER YOU ARE BEST FRIENDS…..ah feck it no-ones listening to me anyway.


Our two little girls are polar opposites in terms of personality. Seriously. We have one Miss Biz who is emotional. And sensitive. Not just sensitive as in she gets upset easily (she does by the way) but sensitive in terms of temperature changes, sounds that are different, colours that are brighter than usual, wind that is more that a breath, and clothing that is anything other than super soft. All of these are cause for a good ol’ cry in her eyes. Not to mention anything that her little sister does or does not do to her. Including, her not saying she is her best friend. Oh dear that’s a sure fire cry sesh!


Miss G on the other hand is the opposite of emotional. Nothing touches her. Tell her off and she looks at you like “is that all you got lady?”. Miss Biz says to her (in her ‘loud’ voice) “stop I don’t like it” and she just goes right on doing whatever it was she was doing. Miss Biz pushes her away and she just pushes right back. Harder mind you! Put her on time out and she grins at you happily, sitting ever so still and waiting till she is allowed to come off. So keeping that in mind, here is the current (recurrent) situation in our house….


Miss Biz is playing along nicely.

Miss G see’s Miss Biz and thinks hmm I’d like to have some fun. Goes over and decides to wreak havoc.

Miss Biz says “stop I don’t like it”.

Miss G pays no attention.

Volume increases on Miss Bizs’ request to stop.

Miss G continues with more effort.

Miss Biz starts a scream, not a real scream, kinda like a eeerrrrrrrrrrrr (real high pitched though).

Miss G realises she is getting a great response here, continues with more effort.

Miss Biz starts crying.

Miss G bites Miss Biz.

More crying.

Mummy comes in for the millionth  time to tell them “remember sisters are best friends, we don’t hurt our sisters, Miss G biting hurts Miss Biz, Miss Biz mummy can’t think with all the crying, etc etc etc”.

Miss G slaps mummy in the face just for kicks.

Miss G get’s put on time out and smiles while she’s on there like she’s the most well behaved little angel their ever was.



So yeah sorry about the bitch-fest but it needed to be done. I promise that the next post will be a bit less hard on the kiddies. But hell, all the mums out there know where I’m at.




2 thoughts on “Shit-fight central”

  1. Sounds like our household! Two complete blocks of cheese here too. That age was the hardest for me and I went through exact same..every…single…day. Now they are best friends until one doesn’t like playing the Prince anymore (because Miss 5 has to always be the princess..then its on like donkey kong.
    Well done, I think you’re doing a fab job x

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